Our Locations

Our Flagship Location

Woodlands Swimming Complex


Kingford Waterbay

Rivertree Condo


Other locations

Sixth Ave Swimming
Sixth Avenue Residences
Miro Condo Swimming
The Miro
The Alps Condo Swimming Coach
Newton Gem
Duchess Residence Swimming
The Duchess Residences
The Trilinq
Archipelago Condo
Qbay Swimming Coach
Q Bay
The Alps Swimming Coach
The Alps
Duchess Residence Swimming
The Shelford
Gallop Gables
The Shaughnessy
One balmoral Swimming
One Balmoral Condo

Upcoming New Launch Swimming Class Location

Forest Woods Condo
The Tapestry Condo
Seaside Residences

Lean to Swim at ANY
Singapore Condo with Jazz Swim