Swimming Lessons for Kids


Jazz Swim Singapore swimming lessons for kids program for children is usually done in groups of six kids per instructor, so enough attention is paid to everyone. 

Through a series of fun and engaging activities guided by certified coaches, the student will learn essential skills on water safety.

The focus of the child’s swimming education is the principle that if your child learns to move in the water at a young age, water safety develops, you do not have to worry that e.g. something goes wrong on a trip to the beach.

Why Small group children's swimming lessons?

The advantage of small group swimming lessons is that we can deal with everyone in a differentiated way, i.e. everyone can develop on their own level, there are no big differences between children’s knowledge.

Swimming is also extremely important for children from a physiological point of view, as the diseases of our time, the many hours at school, and the addiction to computers, gadgets, and video games can cause disturbances in a child’s physiological and mental development.

Swimming is not only an alternative to sports compared to indoor activities, but can also compensate for improper posture by working the muscles of the spine and back, compensating for various muscle imbalances. Swimming is one of the healthiest forms of natural exercise.

Benefits on having swimming lessons for kids

  • Swimming lessons for kids also has a beneficial effect on diseases such as Asthma, Hyperactivity and Overweight
  • Swimming improves children’s stamina and develops their immune systems. Lung function becomes more regenerate, so swimming also has a good effect on children’s respiratory system.
  • Learning to swim does not require genetically inherited, special skills, anyone can master it because it is not one of the most difficult forms of movement.
  • In addition to the physiological benefits, children who swim regularly will be more disciplined through sports, at the same time more courageous, and will be more resilient in other areas of life, such as learning.
  • Children’s motivation and attitude contribute to greater swimming efficiency. In addition to maintaining playfulness, of course, a certain degree of discipline is also required.


We will be training your child according to the SwimSaferTM2.0 Programme by ActiveSG. After attending a series of lessons and depending on his/her abilities, we will send your child to one of the six-stage tests which include survival and activity with aquatic skills. The child will receive  completion e-certificate after completing each stage.
6 Months Old Up to 42 Months From
Stage 1 :
Introduction to Water Skills

The objective is develop confidence and independence in the water, learn general and deep-end water safety. Techniques taught include the forward and backward movement, safe entry and exit and personal water safety.

6 Months Old Up to 24 Months From
Stage 2 :
Fundamental Water Skills

General skill development including unassisted step entry into water, sculling, feet first surface dives, personal water safety skills in aquatic environments. One of the goals is to achieve 25 metres of continuous swimming.

6 Months Old Up to 24 Months From