Private Swimming Lessons

Private Swimming Lessons

The thing that comes to every parent mind: To go for Public swimming lessons or private swimming lessons in Singapore? Choosing between the two is up to the swimmer to decide, but no matter what, Jazz swim got you covered. 

Our coaches are certified either by Sports Singapore or Austswim, ensuring that every swimming lessons will be beneficial to your child’s swimming development. We believe in incorporating fun and enjoyable swimming lessons for your child. However, taking private swimming lessons got its own benefits.

One key thing about learning swimming in private is the ability to quicken the comfort level of your child with their coach. However, this takes time. With Jazz swim private swimming class conducting at the comfort of the swimmer/parent’s choice, the development of swimming skills will be quicken.

More Practise time with Private Swimming Lessons

Constant practice is the key to learning swimming efficiently. Having a private swim with your coach will allow for more practice time. The amount of practice time may vary depending on age, swimming ability, and weather. However, with one to one private swimming with your coach, there will be more attention paid to the student, ensuring that the student practices the right techniques. Moreover, learning with Jazz swim private courses will be able to tailor swimming plans and progressions based on their capability.

Finding the right coach

Our coach is child-centered and focused on making the lesson fun and enjoyable during the swimming lesson. All learners always find that having enjoyable swimming lessons will help in swimming development.

There are specific lesson specific lesson plans and milestones that the coach will help your child or you to achieve such as progressing your child or you to learning breast stroke for beginners.

Flexible Schedule

Want to schedule a swimming class but do not find an appropriate time to do so? Taking private lessons will allow you the flexibility to schedule a swim class at your desired time, day, and location.

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