Learn Swimming With Swimming Singapore

Infants and toddler Course

Class are taught by Jazz swim qualified infants and toddlers coaches. Our coaches understand the benefits of the lessons by caring and understanding each individual babies and toddler . Each lesson will be conducted 30 minutes. Private and group classes are available.

  • Parents and child bonding time

  • Baby and toddlers will be able to overcome water phobia, with effective conditioning better readily

  • Baby and toddlers are able to pick up different skills sets with the help of coaches. Helping them to be independence and at the same time be safe.

  • Classes are designed to be relaxing and enjoying for the toddlers to be able to learn and adapt to the water environment, this help in improving their immune system as it strengthened the respiratory system.


Learn to swim CoursE

Students will be taught to learn how to swim four different stroke. Which comprises of Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke,Butterfly. Lifesaving and water safety skills are taught as well, to ensure that students can survive and prevent danger in different situation.

  • Following the BLACT Sequence, Body Buoyancy on the front and back are always taught first before the legs,arms, coordination and timing of the any stroke. Diving and etc are introduced and slowly build as the student progresses over different levels.

  • Stroke that swimsafer cover on mainly Freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke, butterfly and sidestroke,survival backstroke.

  • Lifesaving and water confident skills including the simple rescues of self and others, how to survive in different senarios are also explored.

ADvance stroke development and correction

Progressing from learn to swim to stroke correction. Jazz swim coaches are qualify and well-versed to guide each individual students swim strokes, focusing on the techniques of each stroke. Preparing students for competitive swimming and allowing them to inspire as they could in competition.

Each session are an hour long, as student progressively challenge themselves to achieve their goals and target each sessions.

ADult swims course

Never to late to learn and swim. Adults classes are prepared to guide each adult students in their different goals. Be it learning to swim, preparing for triathlon or just keeping fit. Jazz swim coaches are always prepare to cater a lesson plan for you.

Each session take about 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the fitness level of each individual.