Condo Swimming Lessons

Learn swimming at the comfort of your home through condo swimming lessons in Singapore at the convenience of your private condominium. Take advantage of the convenience of having a pool below your house and schedule a swimming class with us. You would not be disappointed.

Advantage of taking Condo Swim Lessons

Know any of your neighbors or friends in the block? Organize in a group of 4-6 students, and learn swimming lessons together in a group setting.

Jazz swim conduct swimming lessons at any Singapore condominium, giving the swimmers the convenience of learning in a familiar environment. Having swimming classes just below their house reduces the time spent for you to travel to and from the swimming class. Furthermore, lessons at the condo pool are much more private and conducive rather than the public pool as fewer people are using the pool.


Group and Private Condo Lessons

For a group setting, each swimming lesson size varies from 4 to 6 students. This allows us to give kids taking Jazz swim’s condo swimming lessons all the attention from their swim coach, allowing the correction of the technique to be corrected quickly. Jazz swim coaches, certified by Austswim or SportSG will travel to your condo to teach your kids or yourself at your swimming pool.

For private condo swimming lessons, the one to one setting allows the swimming coach to be more focused on the needs of the swimmer. The benefit of having a one to one allows the coach to develop customized swimming plans that help to aid in your swimming development. 

Jazz swim conduct swimming lessons at private condos island-wide, from baby swimming to kids swimming and Adult swimming lessons.