Adult Swimming Lessons

How is an adult swimming lesson usually conducted?

  • Patience is key. Our instructors are patient with everyone and we do not rush development. According to our experience, education takes place when one is not under pressure.
  • You can learn the basics quickly. If you come to us, you will also learn the basics of swimming in a few weeks.
  • You can learn everything. As mentioned earlier, we teach all swimming strokes to adults, in any of them you want to perfect yourself.
  • There are several venues/pools to choose
  • As an instructor max. There are 5-6 people, which means we can deal with virtually everyone individually.
  • With us, the lessons are 45 minutes, of which approx. 20 minutes of instruction and 20-25 minutes of practice for the entire duration of the lessons.

General Benefits of Swimming

  • Your muscles develop evenly because swimming as a form of movement moves all the cartilage.
  • Swimming also has a beneficial effect on your joints, making them more flexible and also performing land activities more easily.
  • Swimming lowers blood pressure and also helps prevent cardiovascular disease.
  • All kinds of sports also enhance brain activity.

How many adult swimming lessons must I take before I can swim?

To this question, it depends! Similar to cycling or driving, it is not possible to predict who will take how long the process of learning to swim will take. However, with Jazz Swim coaches you will be able to learn how to swim in a short period. 

Based on our experience, adults takes between 2 months up to one year before they would feel safe in the water. Our goal is for all adults to develop water safety and confidence in the pool. We believe that a determined adult swimmer, not affected by any injuries will be able to swim. Jazz Swim classes approached every class with a good lesson plan to ensure that a swimmer develops the necessary skills in the shortest time. 

Adult swimming lessons are similar to children’s swimming lessons with the only difference is that children swimming lessons revolve around fun and play during lessons.The first step to incorporate water confidence is the streamlining of the body as well as technical elements including breathing, sculling, and kicking tempo for all four types of strokes. 

Jazz Swim uses swimming aids for adult swimming lessons such as foam boards, polyfoam tubes, and polyfoam sheets.