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Private Swimming Lessons in Singapore for all ages and available in both Individual and Group Lessons!
Private Swim Lessons can be held in both public and private swimming pools to suit your needs and at your convenience!

Private Swim Class

Why choose private swimming lessons in Singapore

Condo Swimming Lessons

Private Swimming Lessons

Swim at the comfort of your own Private Pool

We are a group of dedicated coaches with experience in teaching children and adult swimming and we are able to conduct private swimming lessons at both public and your condo pool.

You may also gather a few friends for group private swimming lessons in your condo!

Extra Focus on Reinforcing Proper Swimming Techniques

In a private setting, more attention could be given to reinforce proper swimming techniques to our students. With proper techniques, student is able to swim with lesser effort and greater strength.

Feel free to chat our coaches and we will try our best to plan our a suitable schedule for you!

Kids Private Swimming

Flexible schedule that caters to your needs

Based on your schedule and needs, the lessons could also be conducted with flexible arrangement in public and private pools at your convenience. For private lessons, we are able to conduct lessons based on your preferred timings.

Feel free to chat with our coaches and we will try our best to plan out a suitable schedule for you!

Many find it easier to pick up the skill at young age. It is advised for your child to start learning swimming from young!

Reviews from our current students

"Coach Freddy is a wonderful coach who is really patient with my kids and he always knows how to address to my kid's confidence. After months of coaching, I'm proud to say that Sarah has finally overcame his fear of water."
Diana Lim
"I would like to express my gratitude to Coach Keith as he has successfully help my daughter to correct her swimming strokes and now she her competitive freestyle stroke timing has improved significantly. Thank you so much!"
Jean Soh

"Thank you so much Coach Keith for guiding Magnus Friedoff! Ever since he joined swimming class, his asthma has gotten better through the benefits of swimming. We are really pleased to see how the breathing techniques taught in swimming class."
Jo Friedoff

Join us today to begin your swimming journey with us!

Contact us today to discuss a suitable swimming plan! We are able to conduct private lessons in your private condominium pool and public swimming complex.